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"AU 100"

           IDE Hard Disk Duplicators                              1 Slave



1.8” & 2.5” & 3.5” Hard Disc Duplication 1 -4-12 target with any combination of desktop or notebook IDE hard drive or SATA hard drive.
Hi-Speed Data transfer Rate
Maximum cloning speed reach 6 GB/min. 
Diagnostic Features
Support full function to pick-up any defective hard- disc.
Disk Copy Feature
Basic sector-by-sector cloning for all kinds of Operating System or File Structure.
Brief Copy Feature
The smart copy of Microsoft Operating System(FAT 12,16,32 or NTFS) , Linux(EXT1,EXT2,EXT3). Only copies areas where data allocation.
Resize Copy Feature
Master and target hard-disc can be a different size, brand or model. The intelligent copying of Microsoft Operating System(FAT 12,16,32 or NTFS) , All targets will be to fully fit original capacity.
Tools Features
Easy way to check hard-disc whether is good or not. Quick or Full erase data.    
Update Firmware
Simply upgrade firmware through the master port by hard-disk.
Phoenix Solution
The intelligent cloning the hard-disc which included Phoenix Solution by Auto-detected.
Standalone, no PC required
Accessories User’s Manual & Power Cord IDE Flat cable/Power Cord/3.52.5


"AU 400S"

           IDE Hard Disk Duplicators                              4 Slaves


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"AU 1200S"

          IDE Hard Disk Duplicators                              12 Slaves


Specifiche tecniche :

Alimentazione 300W - 100V/240V Switchable power supply.
Dimensioni 500(L)  x 425(P)  x 125(H) mm
Imballo 720(L)  x 630(P)  x 350(H)   mm
Peso Net to: 10.5 Kgs          Lordo  : 15Kgs.

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DUPLICATORI DOM & CF CARD                

"MFD 100 D"

Duplicator system up 
to 10 Slaves



"MFD 100 F"

Compact Flash 
Duplicator system up 
to 10 Slaves



"MFD 100 M"

DOM - Compact Flash & 6 in 1
Duplicator system up 
to 10 Slaves


10 Targets DOM & CF Duplication System MFD 100

Support UDMA and PIO transfer mode. 
(The machine’s performance is base on the Memory Card’s performance)
MFD 100 M Support different memory card model.  CF(Compact Flash) – DOM - iDOC - Memory Stick
PRO - Memory Stick - Multimedia Card - Smart Media - Securd Digital - XD PC and Micro Drive.
High speed duplication performed on the all copy ports.
Each copy ports is a independent slot, not  affected from each others during the duplication process.
Powerful Diagnostic function, to perform an excellent Memory Card quality control .
Powerful Copy functions to handle every situation.
Resize Copy performs automatic sizing and size checking of the master.
Support full erase and quick erase the Memory Card.

Model:  MFD-100 Main Machine

LCD Screen 2 x 20 Characters back-lighted LCD
Input Device 5 PUSH BUTTON
Max Devices Quantity 1 to 10 Duplication System
Dimension 44 x 23.5 x 16.2  cm
Gross Weights 5.5 KG
Power Supply Standard 120W 4P Power (5V -12V)
Environment Same as PC environment

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